Roger Goodell Roger Goodell announced earlier this week that he is considering removing the extra point from play.

The extra point, which is as old as football itself, is part of the game and should not be taken away by a power-hungry commissioner seeking to expand league revenue.

Call me old fashioned, but hasn't the game changed enough since Roger Goodell became commissioner?

Defensive players can't play the game due to the league's new rules on hits. The word defense has become folk lore, told by old men in taverns seeking to discuss the glory days of football. The league is at an all-time high in terms of offensive production.

But, why is there an increase in offensive production? Well, it's not because of the concussion lawsuits plaguing the league; lawsuits that were supposedly settled by the simple writing of a check. Offense has increased because fans are drawn to offensive production. As far as the league is concerned, more offense means more money in the pockets of owners.

I have always been critical of Goodell as commissioner. Personally, I do not like the way he's running the NFL with an iron fist. He penalizes players for hits that were perfectly legal ten years ago. He gives too many chances to men who are criminals off the field for no other reason then making a profit. Goodell has proven time and time again that he is unable to lead the NFL anywhere, except to the ground.

And now he wants to take away the extra point.

Look, in the long run, does taking away the extra point make a difference to the future of the league? Not really (except for field goal kickers, who have become the butt of every joke this side of the Jets' butt fumble.)

However, it just another example of a commissioner trying to expand his power and make his name known as the ruler of the NFL.

Newsflash: Roger Goodell doesn't rule the NFL. The fans rule the NFL. Without the fans, Goodell is out of a job. I think it's time he remembers his place and learns to respect the great game of football and most importantly, their players and fans.