When Robert Griffin III was hurt, the Washington D.C. fans held their breath. But when RGIII was knocked down he wanted to get back up. He did numerous times even when many experts including his father wanted him to watch how he was running. indeed, Mike Shanahan did the right thing taking him out when he wanted to continue fighting a losing battle to the Seahawks in that Wild card playoff game, but from that day, he's promised everyone he would return and start on opening day in September. 

Today, Griffin III was cleared by doctors to play this season and like we have seen for LeBron James (in both Cleveland and Miami) we are witnesses to the evolution of RGIII. He is the NFL most marketable and charasmatic rookie quarterback of 2012. He has a great running ability that would give Usain Bolt a run for his money if he was still on the track. He's got an awesome throwing arm. He's great in front of the camera for numerous commercials. He's married to a college sweetheart, and he's got an eye for greatness in the NFL. Given his ability to play hard when a game is on the line and the drive to make clutch plays, he wants to be just as good of a clutch quarterback as Brett Farve and he has the drive to be just as good as he was last season, if not better. 

The NFC East is more wide open than any time in recent history. it is loaded with stars from Eli Manning to Tony Romo. It also has a team in transition (Eagles), and a team trying to make sure things don't fall apart after sucess (Giants). The Washington Redskins are poised not just to repeat as division champs but also to contend for a trip to the Super Bowl for years to come.

Mike Shanahan isn't making all of the calls on offense as he tried to do with Donovan McNabb in a relationship that ended badly. His son Kyle is the offensive coordinator which puts the pressure off of his dad. 

Robert Griffin III will have an opportunity to show he can play tough and play smart. He is expected to do that. His team is trying to build a better o-line and get more receivers to take much of the demands off his legs, including that knee, which RGIII is dying to show off as much as he did to the press jumping in that media event in April.

The Redskins will no doubt be favorites to win the NFC East but the battle for the NFC conference title will be intense. In the second half of the season, Russell Wilson played outstanding ball against the Redskins defense leading them to the division playoff in a respectable loss to the Falcons. Then there was the breakout performance of Colin Kaepernick who not only tops RGIII in selling jerseys, but has his team primed for a return trip to the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, RGII is itching for the challenge. He want to prove that hs injured knee won't keep him from getting better and that he'll continue to be one of the league's elite.

RGIII has a lot of years ahead of him even if he doesn't go to the Super Bowl this year. The Redskins have a bright future and RGIII wants to future to be now. He's an Adidas spokesperson and their slogan is "all in". Thanks to the doctors, he'll be all in and ready to be better than last season.