Norv Turner As Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported, Norv Turner is done in San Diego after this season.

I said about a month ago: "I don't know why or how Norv Turner is still the coach of the San Diego Chargers."

It looks like Chargers president Dean Spanos saw my article and took action! Well, I doubt that, but he see's the same things the rest of us do -- Norv Turner is not the answer for the Chargers.

Sitting at 4-8, it would take nothing short of a miracle for the Chargers to make the playoffs. After barely failing to make the Playoffs in 2011, Spanos found enough reason in past success and what looked to be a bright future, to keep Turner around.

Well it turns out, enough is enough, finally.

GM A.J. Smith will also be following Turner out the door, most likely because he was a big part in getting rid of superstars like Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson.

Chargers fans around the nation, rejoice; there is a new era coming to San Diego.

But who may be taking over the reigns in 2013?

Here are my top three picks to replace embattled head coach Norv Turner:

3. David Shaw - Led Stanford to an 11-2 record, widely respected throughout the NFL, despite being a collegiate coach. Plus he coached at University of San Diego, so why wouldn't he want to return at a pro level?

2Jay Gruden - No, that wasn't a typo. I don't think Jon would want to have to play his beloved Raiders twice a year, he's loved too much in Oakland. His younger brother Jay however, current offensive coordinator of the Bengals, is an offensive genius. Gruden did wonders for Andy Dalton, so he could most definitely get the veteran Philip Rivers back on track.

1Andy Reid - This is my No. 1 pick for the Chargers, and it's my No. 1 pick for Reid, if he doesn't take a year off. Assuming Reid gets the boot from Philly, I would love to see him in San Diego wearing all of his Tommy Bahama shirts he so dearly loves. 

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