Jamaal Charles I usually go through all the reasons that the other guys on this short list (Foster, ADP, Martin, Rice) are not as good as the guy I would pick, but in this case I will just go with the reasons why Jamaal Charles is better.

This is a guy who destroyed people last year. I know, some of these other guys did too. But unlike most of them, he did it alone.

I am sure Matt Cassel is a really great guy. He is just a lousy NFL quarterback. He is innacurate, errattic and skittish in the pocket.

When you played the Chiefs, your defensive brain trust didn't worry about Cassel (or Quinn, or Palco, or Jed the homeless guy, or anyone else KC trotted out at QB) hitting Bowe on a skinny post up the seam.

You prepared for No. 25. And he still killed it.

When asked why his best player (Charles) wasn't getting the ball, coach Romeo Crennell put down the cow he was consuming and said,"I don't know." And yet, No. 25 killed it (not the cow, the season).

Jamaal Charles overcame an inept quarterback and a coach that wasn't always aware of his exisistance to have a great year, with 1,745 total yards and 6 TDs on a team that won two games.

Now we get to the 2013 season. The new coach, Andy Reid, is famous for two things -- his precision passing game and a striking resemblance to a small walrus. Let's address the first one. Coach Reid has made stars of Brian Westbrook, LeSean McCoy and a host of others with lesser talents. Now he has Jamaal Charles as his main weapon.

He will get No. 25 the ball in space early and often. He would be a fool not to. I actually think his carries will go down because he will be utilized as a reciever so much more. If Thats not good enough, in leagues that give bonus points for long TDs, his long speed will have you laughing all the way to the title.

Out with the old, in with the new. Welcome, Alex Smith. You just had your running back upgraded. Smith plays  to his strengths. Jamaal is his biggest strength and best player, an RB with soft hands and blazing speed, like a safety blanket with bazooka hidden in it. Smith can check down confidently, rather than desperately. Who wins? That's right, true believer. You do.

Charles caught 35 balls in a terrible year, with stooge-like talent at quarterback. He will still get you 1,000+ on the ground, but this year it comes with 65+ catches to sweeten the deal. Dust off the top shelf, the trophy is coming home.