McEloryMark Sanchez and Geno Smith are set to be in a heated QB battle when the preseason picks up.

Sanchez, the incumbent, seems like the favorite to keep his job as starting quarterback for the New York Jets.

But, there is another quarterback who the New York Jets' staff has overlooked. That man, is Greg McElroy.

McElroy was drafted by the Jets in the 7th round of the 2011 Draft out of the University of Alabama. During his time at Alabama, he led them to a national championship in 2010 while leading them to a 14-0 season that year.

In 2010 Greg was named to the list of world's smartest athletes; he was ranked 20th. This man scored a 48 on his wonderlic test which tied for the record with Titans Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatick.

Last year McElroy was put into action against the Arizona Cardinals in a December game which Mark Sanchez was pulled in the 3rd quarter. He finished that game 5 of 7 on his pass attempts and won the Jets the ball game 7-6.

He started the next week against the San Diego Chargers, where he seemingly had zero protection from his offensive line and was sacked 11 times and lost the game 27-17. When he was actually able to throw the ball he looked good including leading them to an impressive charge in the first quarter. He left an average impression on the Jets fans.

So after seemingly doing no wrong why is he not at least being considered as a candidate for the vacant starting job for the Jets? I understand the gedicine behind giving Geno Smith a shot after he was drafted as a second round pick.

I also understand giving Sanchez a huge shot as he has shown in the past he can lead them far in the playoffs and he is also owed over $14M next year. The only thing that is pressing on my mind is that Greg McElroy is not being given at least a shot or even a thought.

When it is all set in done I firmly believe that Mark Sanchez will be the starter here, but will not finish the season as the starter.