Donovan McNabbDonovan McNabb is the best quarterback in the history of the Eagles. He's broken every single Eagles record for quarterbacks.  

In this article, I will say why McNabb should be a Hall-of-Famer.

The first reason why he should be a Hall-of-Famer is  because McNabb led the Eagles to 91 regular season wins, 9 postseason wins, a NFC Championship title and a Super Bowl berth.

He also rushed for 3,469 yards with the Eagles which is 6th among NFL quarterbacks. He also threw for 216 touchdowns for Philly and 32,873 yards. He also had 2,801 completions for the Eagles. This right here alone should be a easy way for McNabb to get into the Hall of Fame, no questions asked. If he does get into the Hall of Fame, it will be because of most of these stats.

McNabb was also a leader on the field. He would always help out his teammates on the sideline and explain what to do when the play is called. He would also always mentor his backup quarterbacks if he ever got hurt. This may not be the real reason if McNabb gets into the Hall of Fame but it sure does send a message to the other people trying to get into the Hall of Fame. 

These are the reasons why I believe Donovan McNabb, the greatest QB in Eagles history, should be a Hall-of-Famer.