Peyton ManningLet's just jump right in with a couple of Hall of Famers who started cold and came out red hot!

I'm talking about Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. How shocking was it that these comsummate winners fell behind early but woke up and rallied to win their respective games?

I read the comments about sitting Brady becaused he was playing so badly... he was hurt... maybe he read them, too.

But these guys don't give up so easily.

Manning's four turnovers could have been a death-knell for the Broncos, but with the aid of a stifling defense, they came back with a vengeance.

Ditto for the Patriots' defense which shut down the Miami Dolphins after surrendering 17 points in the first half.

Let's also credit Stevan Ridley; when he is featured in the New England Patriots' offense, good things happen. While I like the change-of-pace that Blount and Bolden bring, Ridley is the man and should get the bulk of the carries.

Now, I don't want to get carried away here, but how hot are the Kansas City Chiefs after eight weeks? Not only are they the only undefeated team in the league, but the only team ever to go 8-0 after a losing season. Andy Reid plus Alex Smith in K.C. is a winning combination, but I will stop short of penciling—them—in to the Super Bowl.

And as for coldness - let's start singing the blues for the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan's four interceptions and the Philadelphia Eagles who just can't seem to get off the ground lately. Nothing is going the way of the Eagles right now, and Michael Vick is staring down the barrel of the unemployment gun. It will be interesting to see what the respective coaches do to change their fortunes in the second half.

And who is hotter than Drew Brees? Five touchdowns despite being sacked four times?! And I have to give kudos to Kenny Stills to whom I gave a shout out in my article two weeks ago. He led all receivers in the game with 129 yards and two TDs.

But then again, Josh Brown won the game for Eli Manning with a career-high five field goals (the only points the Giants needed or could muster). I guess when the offense can't complete drives, it is considered a good thing to have a kicker who can bale you out.

I don't even have to use the word for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars. No kudos to the San Francisco 49ers for winning that game; in fact, except for the number of points they put on the board, nothing really stood out in this game other than what we all expected.

Carolina, on the other hand, showed why they are winning ball games now. Cam Newton decided that it was time to show why he wants this job. He led the Panthers through the air and on the ground!

Pittsburgh and Oakland... yawn... huh... what was I saying?

How about the Cincinnati Bengals who have quietly taken control of the AFC North with another big win, this time at the expense of the New York Jets. How about Andy Dalton and Marvin Jones? Five TD throws and four TD catches... 325 yards throwing the rock and 122 catching it... and A.J. Green only had 115! If only the Bengals has a running game they just might be the hottest team in the NFL.

And last but certainly least... what to say about Dallas/Detroit... okay... got it... how many more ways can the Boys find to lose ball games? It's pretty cold when you win games until the last minute and then just hand it over to the opposition. They would be losing the division if it wasn't for the shear incompetence of the rest of the bunch.

And finally, yes this is the last one, it may have been just the Minnesota Vikings, but the Pack has hit their stride behind Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy's running. If it hadn't been for the dearth of a run game in previous years this wouldn't be a story; but Rodgers is the most thankful for a little relief in that department.

I suppose that when you can lead your team on scoring drives every time you take the field that that's pretty hot, even if it is Minnesota. Not giving up a 109-yard kick return for a TD to start the game would have made this a much better feat.

Did I fail to mention your team? Well... then... there wasn't much to say... In other words: they were probably pretty cold (or maybe luke warm).

Except for the St. Louis Rams who had the chance to win the game staring them in the face with the ball in the red zone - first and goal from the six with 46 seconds on the clock and the Rams can't figure out hos to punch it into the end zone... yeah, it was Kellen Clemens, but also Trent Richardson!

They did manage to run out the clock, but failed to get any points... but on their three previous trips to the red zone they came away with three field goals! That's cold! That's freezing cold!