Who's Fault Was It?: Week 16 Edition NFL

By Alex Whiteman
December 24, 2012 4:41 am
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Jamaal Charles

Who's Fault Was it?: Jamaal Charles 86-Yard Touchdown Run

Player at Fault: Jerrell Freeman, Inside Linebacker, Indianapolis Colts

Jerrell Freeman

Freeman is lined up as the opposite middle linebacker aside from Kavell Conner. Jamaal Charles is hitting a simple power on the left side, with lead blocker Patrick DiMarco out in front to take on Conner. Freeman's job is to either force inside and push Charles outside for the safety Tom Zibikowski, or lead him outside to make the tackle. 

Jerrell Freeman

Fullback Patrick DiMarco takes on safety Tom Zibikowski, leaving middle linebacker Jerrell Freeman to come in and make the tackle. Freeman has the opportunity to move up field and tackle Charles out of bounds, but instead...

Jamaal Charles

Inside Linebacker Jerrell Freeman makes an inside move, instead of taking an angle to corner Charles. Freeman then continues to stand there and let Charles off the hook for a 86 yard touchdown. I will give credit where it is due however, and credit Charles with a tremendous run, and wide receiver Jamar Newsome with a exceptional block on cornerback Vontae Davis. 



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By Alex Whiteman
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