McGloin George Blanda. Dan Pastorini. Ken Stabler. Jim Plunkett. Four greats to wear the Silver and Black. Not - those four players are a distant memory. And the football they once threw for the Oakland Raiders is as flat as a tackle from Lyle Alzado.

These are not the Oakland Raiders of the past - the ones who took no prisioners but kicked their oppoents in the groin each week onto AFC West victory after victory.

The vertical passing game was alive and well and each week, we all knew it would help the team win.

Not so fast anymore, my friend. This is a new franchise. One that has seen Art Shell, Jon Gruden, Bill Callahan and Lane Kiffin walk through its doors and even with all the change you would have hoped the quarterback play would have improved.

Sorry, my friends. No such luck.

This year, the Raiders go to camp with several issues and a large elephant in the room over who will start at quarterback. Matt McGloin looked the part, but he is not the long-term answer. Terrelle Pryor is exciting - at times and could be a nice "niche" player. But again, he is not the long-range solution, either.

There is ample conversation that the team and the player, Michael Vick, are interested in each other. While no official "date" has been set by either sides, Vick could very well be the savior of this club like a Rich Gannon or a Jeff Hostetler. He is still a viable runner and passer at 33 years old, but in the back of the minds of management - injuries will be a concern.

Is he a one-year stop gap while the team takes a look at someone like a David Fales of San Jose State or is he a player who gets them a solid season with the hope of taking Brett Hundley or Marcus Mariotta next season? The questions there have to be answered, but the chances of No. 7 being the opening day starter are very much a reality.