Matt Cassel This here is a story about a team in purple that used to be a dynamic offensive machine. It currently has a running back and stud recevier on offense and very little to show for its effort.

In order to make all the pain go away for the Minnesota Vikings, there can only be one cure - decide now who the quarterback will be and the team's troubles will vanquish like the dome stadium that was deflated last month.

Now, games for the next two seasons will be played in cold weather and snow.

No wonder Matt Cassel decided he wanted to test free agency.

The Vikings have several offseason issues they must face, but none may be as important as settling on a starter behind center.

While the Christian Ponder experiment has all but been exhausted and the need to establish a solid nucleus of offensive talent is ever apparent, everything hinges on May and whether this team drafts a new signal caller or looks to free agency in March to claim their new leader.

Michael Vick is on the market and will get plenty of attention from Okland and the Browns. Minnesota is a darkhorse contender - should the team want to see if the 33-year-old with lots of miles on him can still play like he is 25.

The 2014 NFL Draft could bring them Blake Bortles, Derek Carr or maybe Zach Mettenberger. I think the team will draft their future signal caller. Whether he is a starter this season is unknown now.

I also like Matt Schaub as a possible contender here. He would work well with Adrian Peterson and could sling it all over the field in the NFC North. If he is released by the Texans, which I suspect he will be, the Vikings will be one of the first teams that make the call to his agent.

Also, do not count out Cassel yet. He said he wanted to void the last year of his contract and test the market. That does not mean he will not be a player in purple in August.