Chad HenneI was not much of a math student in school, but I do believe the Jacksonville Jaguars have four quarterbacks on their roster and only one of them might be worth keeping around for this coming season.

Only problem is - Does Chad Henne want to come in and start for this franchise long enough so that he can mentor a rookie to replace him and see if the rookie can take this franchise to another level?

It is true that Henne's best chance of being an NFL starter is right here in Jacksonville, as he flamed out in Miami and couldn't get a fair shake in many of the other NFL cities.

But does Henne, who was not named the starter in 2013 but won the job by hard work and injury to Blaine Gabbert, want to endure that again?

And, if it is not Henne who starts under center in the season opener - well then who will it be?

The Jaguars owe Blaine Gabbert $2.7 million in 2014 in the final year of his contract. Does that mean he remains with the franchise one more season because he is cost effective as the backup while a rookie is sent out there to take a beating (Zach Mettenberger or Johnny Manziel)? Would the team consider giving Gabbert another shot at winning the starting job? This would drive the fan base here in north Florida insane.

The only player in free agency to look to is Michael Vick, but he is going to be courted by the Jets, Oakland and Cleveland. Watch for Dallas and Washington to possibly try to bring him in as a backup. No other players seem to be worth it unless Tony Romo becomes trade bait or Matt Schaub is released.

The Draft could bring Blake Bortles, Maniziel or Teddy Bridgewater to the team. But in reality, the wait until Round Two could bring a Derek Carr from Fresno State, Mettenberger or even Jimmy Garoppolo.

It seems there may be too many decisions to make - which is not good fro a young and treading franchise. So dare we all ask... Who will be the starter for this franchise in 2014? Your guess is as good as mine.