The amount of Pro Football Hall of Famers born in the 1970s has doubled.

Pictured above are Larry Allen (1971), Warren Sapp (1972), and Jonathan Ogden (1974), along with their 2013 Hall of Fame contemporaries. They join fellow seventies-born players Willie Roaf (1970), Curtis Martin and Marshall Faulk (both born 1973) in the hallowed halls of Canton.

It's no newsflash that we age, but it's sailing in fairly uncharted waters to say that there's five Hall of Famers (Roaf excluded) that were born after the great Vince Lombardi passed. So yeah, we're all getting old.

As the Hall gets younger, we draw closer to our first eightees-born inductee. That likely won't happen for a few years yet (at least six or seven, realistically), but it's still fun to ask who it could be.

It likely won't be a quarterback, due to the longevity enjoyed by qualifying players in the early-80s age bracket. So Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger probably wouldn't fit the bill, unless a Theismann-esque leg breaking fells them this year. In that case, book em for 2018.

But barring tragedy, here's some eighties-born players with a good chance of being the first inductee from their decade, just as Faulk was for the seventies.