We knew Rex Ryan was on a hot seat heading into this season, but I don't think anyone predicted this mess.

The battle between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith was a rather dull one, but a starting quarterback battle nonetheless. Both QBs made mistake after mistake and it was clear a starter wouldn't be named until the team saw some preseason action.

Well, we're in our final week of the preseason and Ryan hasn't come any closer to naming a QB. In fact he's probably more puzzled and further from an answer than he was during the opening days of Training Camp.

Mark Sanchez got the start during the beginning of Preseason and looked, well, like Mark Sanchez. So Ryan made the move that he ultimately was hoping he could do sooner rather than later, name Geno Smith the starting quarterback of the New York Jets (even if it's just for a preseason game).

In just thirty minutes of play, Smith threw three interceptions and even suffered an Geno Smith safetyembarrassing safety that only a rookie could commit. It was humiliating, and surely put more pressure on the shoulders of Rex Ryan.

So what did he do? He made Sanchez get on the field, when nearly all of both teams starters were off. Why did he do it? Was he hoping to see an unlikely miracle from Sanchez leading to an easier decision? We may never know, but what we do know is that it was a huge mistake.

Sanchez went on to suffer a scary injury to his shoulder forcing him sidelined for the rest of the Preseason. But don't worry, Jets fans! For what it's worth, the X-rays came back negative.

So with all the drama (once again) unfolding in New York, what should Rex Ryan do?

There are three options. Well, four--but I don't think third stringer Greg McElroy is the miracle candidate to win the job.

First option is he goes with the rookie because let's be honest, Ryan knew what he was getting into as soon as he selected the embattled QB. Might as well face the music sooner rather than later.

The second-option is to go with Sanchez because clearly Smith isn't ready to lead a team. Ryan can say his team will go back to their roots of ground-and-pound so that Sanchez doesn't have to hold on to the ball.

The third option is the most intriuging. Bring someone else in. Would he really do it? Could Ryan really swallow his pride and admit the guys he brought in aren't good enough? Doubt it, but with the way Rex Grossman and Nick Foles have been playing, I'm sure he's at least gone over the idea of attempting some sort of trade. But I highly doubt it'll happen. The guy has too much pride to call it quits on the men he's coached.

He should, for his career and the fans' sake, go with Geno Smith on opening day. The team selected him with the hopes he could one day lead the Jets, and with all the turmoil surrounding the team-- there's no point in waiting.

Fans and coaches alike are sick of the endless wait for Sanchez to become elite, so you can expect a fresh face under-center come week one.

Disagree? Think Sanchez should start? Comment below and be heard!

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