I’m not surprised or even shocked that San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss would come out on Super Bowl media week and say that he’s the best receiver of all-time. We all know Moss has pulled his share of antics through his career and this is just another one under his belt. I think it might just be that he knows that his career is almost over and he hasn’t lived up to his full potential. It just looks like a guy that’s scorned by never winning the championship while Jerry Rice has won three. Could it be that Moss might just be jealous?

Don’t get me wrong, Randy Moss was a great receiver in his prime and one of the greatest that’s ever did it on the field, but he wasn’t a team player and that’s what people will remember him as. Moss was the type of player that didn’t get the ball he would just quit on the team and that’s not what the great ones do. Through good and bad times the greatest receivers stick it out and give it their all and Moss just seemed to be disinterested.

Moss being a freak of nature is something that will always stand out with me; especially as a teen watching him just blow by the defense and catch the ball for a touchdown. That was a true sight to see. At the time Moss came into the league he was electrifying and that’s why he feels that he changed the game. I would agree because in the late 1990’s the league wasn’t ready for a player like Moss.

I truly feel that it’s hilarious to tell the truth the Moss would even think he’s the greatest over Rice or even T.O. at that. T.O. might haven’t portrayed the best attitude but he always came to play and always in the best shape. To put this so-called debate to rest; Randy Moss isn’t the greatest wide receiver of all-time and he just needs to focus on the game Sunday and do his best to help the 49ers capture the championship. He doesn’t need this to become a distraction for the team.