With Thanksgiving around the corner most of us will be feasting on the majestic creature known as a turkey.  Of course if you are a vegetarian you may be doing something like tofu-turkey. Or maybe you just eat a lot of vegetables and potatoes. Either way, we will be doing this while watching NFL football and consuming multiple helpings of stuffing (I prefer Stove Top).  

Football and Thanksgiving have been going hand-in-hand since 1876 when Yale and Princeton decided to duke it out on the gluttonous holiday. 

However, turkey has more definitions than a large gallinaceous bird that we prefer to eat every fourth Thursday in November.  Believe it or not, turkey according to Websters dictionary has four definitions for the word.  

Two of these meanings happen to be slang references while the the other definition for turkey happens to have something to do with a sport or recreational game.

Amazingly, you can actually apply these other definitions to NFL football players or teams.  For the most part though, being referred to as a turkey is not always looked at as a positive reference. In fact by the end of the season, or at least next year, they should try to get out of the turkey coop. 

So, while you are staring in disbelief at cranberry sauce and thinking to yourself that this is not an edible item (the kind that comes from the can, not the homemade stuff), or preparing to eat an entire pumpkin pie for yourself (I prefer apple), check out the five biggest turkey's in the NFL.