Which 10 NFL Superstars Are Under The Most Pressure In 2013?

By Michael Quinn
May 17, 2013 1:35 pm
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Don't get me wrong, every NFL player faces pressure. Every time he steps in a locker room or on an NFL field, there it is -- pressure. It comes immediately out of college, and stays with them for their whole career, and for most becomes normal.

But then there's the guys who made this list. The guys that achieved greatness, then screwed up (or got screwed in some cases). These guys are in what some would call a "proving" year and for most, their jobs depend on it.

So with that said, who are the top 10 superstars facing the most pressure this season?

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2 years ago
Not sure how MJD could have any more pressure on him than any other year, considering he is the entire offense. In fact, I would say the pressure is on Jaguars to lighten the load on Jones Drew so he can return to the pro-bowl form of a couple of years ago.
2 years ago
I think bothe of the wide outs for Seattle will be under extreme pressure, mainly Harvin. Rice had Farve throw him the ball, or who knows what his career would be. Has also been injured off and on. Harvin seems to get headaches at his convenience. Bothe are talented, need to let their playing do the talking..
2 years ago
Why is Romo considered a star, he hasn't been close to playing in a Superbowl. He trys to be a leader, but it's not in him. He is a over paid stats generating QB that will never play in a SB.............. Dallas under his laedership is a .500 team, if Jerry didn't own the team he would have been fired a long time ago................ Then as a backup you Klyle O. Good Luck!
2 years ago
Cam has no business being on this list. Get him some talent and competent coaching and he would be in the playoffs. Cam's problem is that he is playing in the most competitive division in football. Falcons, Bucks, and Saints. All are a about 1 to 5 players from a deep run into the playoffs
2 years ago
Wrong again. Philip got no problem. His talent is not suspect like say a Sanchez or someone.
2 years ago
Good choice here. The Note got a straight up whipping in the BCS title game and Manti was a no show. It's going to be 10 times what he faced in college
2 years ago
Oh yea. Hit the nail on the head with this choice!!!
2 years ago
Not if the O-scheme fits with some line blocking and protection and some D-fense shows up. This is a dangerous choice to put on this list.
2 years ago
The list of players is a mix bag of average and above-average players.

Some of these players have barely played full season, much less reached a pivotal point in their career.

Unless I am wrong, most fans in the NFL would argue that most of these players have not attain superstar status to warrant pressure for a must win or break out season.
2 years ago

Are you joking? Revis is obviously a future HOF and Vick holds most rushing yards by a QB. Tony Romo more passing yards than Aikman.. And Tebow is a superstar on his own ! Cam newton won rookie of the year and broke Peyton Mannings decade-plus standing record. Only possible one who may not be able to justify a spot on this list is Flynn considering he hasn't had a chance to prove himself.
2 years ago

Funny how things get twisted because I thought you were joking too. But yes, I can agree that some of these players will become future HOF, but some cannot break into the starting lineup. A player should have consistency playing and starting in their position in the NFL, at least 2-3 solid seasons with some support. If you base it on merit alone, it is sometimes not enough because the next criteria is must-win games or playoff. Mixing two non-starters (backups) with a rookie and several starters just seems odd to me. I do not understand the comparison or rationale. But that is just me, nothing personal. I guess I was expecting a list of players that need to make a stronger difference with their team in order to reach the next level (playoffs and superbowl.

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