Sunday night's 130 yards and 2 touchdowns of total offense showcased the types of things Seahawks' running back Marshawn Lynch can really do, and those things turn out to help wonders for the Seattle offense. After performances like this against a top defense in the league, you really wonder where to place Lynch among the running backs of the league.

 After analyzing the backs in the NFL, I can easily see that Lynch is the second best running back in the league, right behind Vikings' back Adrian Peterson. What puts Lynch ahead of the majority of the league is his size and what he does with it. At 5'11, 215, you imagine a big back who is built for power running, but Lynch also adds a very effective quickness to his game that makes it tougher for opposing defenses to prepare for the Skittle-consuming beast.

Even if you are just a casual football fan, or even just an avid SportsCenter watcher, you can understand why Adrian Peterson is placed ahead of Lynch. Peterson exited last season with a punishing ACL tear, hoping to make a strong entrance a few weeks into the season, but that's not how it worked out for the Oklahoma alum. Peterson came right out of the gate Week 1, better then ever, and hasn't slowed down since. Peterson is currently first in the league in rushing yards with 1,812, which is only 208 short of Eric Dickerson's record for yards in a season. Peterson's strong season has put him head to head with Peyton Manning for the MVP award, who has won it a record 4 times. Peterson's size, strength, speed, and willingness to win puts him first in my books, but Lynch really isn't too far behind. Let's take a closer look.

Lynch is trailing Peterson in yards tremendously, as is the rest of the league, but Lynch's numbers are still very good compared to the rest of the league. Lynch has 1,379 yards, 10 touchdowns, averages 5.1 yards per attempt, and is averaging 98.5 yards per game.

There are a few backs that are close in comparison to Lynch like Alfred Morris, Arian Foster, and Doug Martin, but after watching Lynch perform this season, and analyzing his numbers, it isn't very hard for me to say that Marshawn Lynch is the second best running back in the NFL.