Whether you're just a general NFL fan, or even a Cincinnati Bengals' fan, when one thinks of the Bengals, the first thing that (most likely) comes to mind is a young, talented, and versatile under-achieving team.

Defense (Good):

The Bengals' have one of the league's most dominant pass-rushing defenses, with a run defense ranked No. 9 overall.

The Bengals have only allowed an average of 311.4 yards of total offense over the course of nine games, earning them a No. 4 rank of overall defense in the NFL. This should come to no surprise with the double-duo of Vontaze Burfict (leads NFL in tackles) and James Harrison at linebacker, and Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson at defensive end.

Offense (Good):

The talent on the Bengals' offense is like no other, with the young, rookie running back Giovani Bernard, who has been accumulating more carries as he has done a great job at displaying his speed and agility. Andy Dalton's receiving corps includes A.J. Green (leads NFL in receiving yards), and two athletic receivers in Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones. As well as two monstrous tight ends in Jermaine Gresham (6'5") and Tyler Eifert (6'6"). The offense should prove to be overwhelming to opposing defenses..

Mark Zimmer (Good):

As the defensive coordinator for the Bengals, Zimmer has been nothing short of spectacular. Zimmer was awarded the NFL Assistant Coach of the Year after earning the Bengals a No. 4 ranked defense in 2009.

2011: Ranked No. 7 in total yards allowed, and No. 9 in points allowed

2012: Ranked No. 6 in total yards alloawed, and No. 8 in points allowed

Marvin Lewis (Bad):

With the talent Marvin Lewis has been provided with over the years, it's hard to argue why he should stay in Cincinnati, leading the Bengals to four playoffs in 11 years, with NO playoff wins isn't very stellar, as an head coach for the Bengals, Lewis has accumulated a record of 85-86-1(.497), judging from the under-achieving offense, the Bengals should pursue something other than defense-minded head coach.

Andy Dalton (Bad):

Andy Dalton is a terrible decision maker who puts his receivers in tough positions, especially when playing an opposing defense with physical cornerbacks. Instead of throwing the ball where only the receiver can get it (leading the receiver), he instead throws the ball where both the cornerback AND the receiver can get it, which more times than not, results in an interception.

This is a major flaw in Dalton's game that MUST be corrected, along with his deep-ball accuracy. In 2012, Dalton attempted 67 deep passes (20 yards or more), and completed only 18 of them, resulting in four touchdowns and five interceptions. Dalton's consistency below:

  • First 4 games (2-2): 5 TDS, 4 INT, 1,003 YDS, 65.1%
  • Last 4 games (4-0): 11 TDS, 3 INT, 1,246 YDS, 68.2%
  • Last 2 games (0-2): 2 TDS, 6 INT, 612 YDS, 53.7%

Dalton's Postseason Performances (Bad):

2011: 0 TD, 3 INT, 64.3%, 0-1

2012: 0 TD, 1 INT, 46.7%, 0-1