Tyler Wilson

Former Razorback Tyler Wilson has been a busy man these past few months, so it only seemed natural that when the Oakland Raiders came calling, Wilson was preoccupied with other things. Taking a picture with a fan at Wal-Mart, the Arkansas quarterback lived like he would any other day. While strolling the aisles at his local Wal-Mart, Wilson received a call, which would forever change his life.

"(The guy was) standing right next to me and kind of hears the conversation a little bit," Wilson told the Log Cabin Democrat on Saturday. "I kind felt like everybody in the store at that point had kind of figured out what's going on. That was fun. We ended up getting out of there without too much harm and ended up getting back and celebrated with friends and family."

On Friday, Wilson threw a NFL draft party, in which he assumed that he would be drafted. After his name failed to be called in the second or third rounds, he ditched the celebratory cake and band, and lived life like he normally would.

"Obviously, it's been a long process, a long three days," Wilson said. "You hope to get picked a little sooner going into it, but the right situation, I think, is the most important part. And I definitely think I found that situation with Oakland, being in the situation they're in quarterback-wise. I think I have a chance to go in there and compete and have a chance at playing sometime soon."

Wilson enters a hairy quarterback situation, with newly signed free agent Matt Flynn, who seems to be the starter; and the forever physically gifted Terrelle Pryor, who could burst onto the scene at any moment. Those two, along with undrafted free agent quarterback Kyle Padron out of Eastern Washington, should provide some interesting competition at the quarterback spot.