Aaron Murray certainly has many Georgia and SEC statistical accomplishments. In three years as the Bulldogs' starting quarterback, he's thrown for over 10,000 yards passing, 95 TDs, and a 158.5 passer rating. Besides some stats, there's much more Aaron Murray needs to do in 2013.

#1 A Title: When the media talks about his numbers, you can see it in his eyes. A national title is the one thing that can fill that empty place in his heart. Murray needs to fill that void.

#2 Beating Quality Opponents: The records that Murray holds against top ranked opponents have loomed over him. Murray and the Dawgs have gone 4-10 against top 25 opponents and 1-5 versus the top 10. Looking at those six top 10 games, three of the losses were against top notch QBs, A.J. McCarron, Cam Newton, and Kellen Moore. It was the defense that won the only top 10 game against Florida.

The 2013 Georgia Bulldogs schedule is set up for a story book ending with top teams like Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU in the early part. This is what Murray needs - an overdose of top ranked opponents to overcome his fear of losing quality games.

#3 Learn How To Win: Murrray has racked up stats and won games, but he needs to empower his team.  Like A.J. McCarron for Alabama, the need to win is achieved by playing smart. For Georgia to have a perfect season, Aaron Murray needs to maneuver the flow of the game. From throwing the ball away, to spreading his passes to different receivers, he needs to do what's best for the team.

#4  Leadership: The Georgia Bulldogs need a QB who'll go to battle for them. Murray's comments about having nightmares of Jadeveon Clowney showed weakness. The nightmare comments not only made Murray appear weak to his opponent, it effected the spirit of the team.

Murray needs to be the only voice in that locker room. When going into the South Carolina game, he should take ownership of past defeats. This game could make or break him as a true leader - and he certainly needs a big win against the big time coach, Steve Spurrier.

Instead of Aaron Murray trying to overcome competition, he needs to become "The Competition".

Sweetheart's Stuff, 

In Aaron's de-fense (hehe), he was raised in Florida. He then headed north and ran out of gas in Georgia. Give him a break!