It has only been about 48 hours since we all got the news that Tim Tebow had been picked up by the New England Patriots and signed a two-year contract. It was surprising that the Patriots would pick him up after a season with the Jets where there was so much hoopla and hype over him being a backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez and taking a chance at trying out Rex Ryan's Wildcat formations. The experiment failed because the Jets didn't provide enough receivers and the coach didn't use what he had effectively to make Tebow and Sanchez play well on Wildcat plays. Though Ryan is still head coach, plenty of things have changed for the Jets this off season.

Mike Tanenbaum is no longer GM, they have a new quarterback to backup Sanchez in Geno Smith, and Tebow has moved on. It was predicted by many that if any team would take him it would be the Jaguars in his hometown of Jacksonville. But the fact that he took a chance as a backup QB didn't work (or get the help) to grow as a QB, there were plenty of doubters that thought it would take a long time before Tebow would be picked up by a team. It did take long but many are now asking why the the Jets' arch rival in New England would take a chance at Tebow. 

Bill Belichick has a knack for turning around average players and creating new schemes to fit their skill sets. And of course, Belichick doesn't say much about it to the press.  We all have to wait until the game is played.

When asked by the press about how Tebow would play with the team, he was mum and didn't say much. And given the fact that Belichick probably wants everyone to be surprised, we should not count him out on that as he done in his coaching career. Jet fans should also know that as well. While the Patriots aren't as dominant in the AFC as well as the NFL in winning multiple Super Bowls, they're still a major title contender as well as surprising people who feel that their best days have past. The biggest reason that the Patriots are still good is they do a good enough job of finding talent and they have plenty of cap room to spend on players in free agency (aided in part to Tom Brady resigning with the team this off season for less money). But love him, respect him, or hate him, there's not denying he is a genius at putting a championship caliber team together. And Belichick, in the words of Russell Crowe's Jor-El character to Henry Cavill's Superman, he would help Tim Tebow accomplish wonders. 

Belichick can work Tebow the way that Kaepernick got help from Jim Harbaugh and a fully loaded 49er offense before he got the starting job. The Jets are trying to work with Smith and Sanchez, but the way the 49er offense looked last year with Kaepernick is an example of what could happen in New England with Tebow.

The New England Patriots have a future hall-of-famer in Tom Brady and they have Rob Gronkowski, but with their top tight end having to play hard after surgeries, the Pats may have wanted to take the pressure off of Gronkowski by bringing a guy who has the feet and the body of a tight end. This is Tebow's best chance to make a name for himself and comeback after a tough season. If he succeeds, the hype over Forbes magazine's most influential player will return. But for Jets fans, this will put more pressure on Gang Green to perform well after a disastrous season. It is ironic that Tebow now plays for the team that pummelled him in his last game in Denver and the Jets' biggest rival.