Mike Vick In the second edition of "What If?" we'll be taking a look at what the Philadelphia Eagles, and the league for that matter, could have looked like had they not signed Michael Vick.

First, as always, let me take you back. It's 2009, and the Eagles are coming off their latest NFC Championship loss, but the future seems bright.

In reality, Andy Reid signed Michael Vick in August, but we'll say he decided to back out on the deal.

1. Michael Vick Signs With Cincinnati Bengals

Yes. Might seem like a random team for Vick to land on, but they were the only other team to offer him a contract at the time. He takes the two-year deal worth $2.3 million. Carson Palmer is still the leader of the team, and Vick doesn't look to get a rep anytime soon.

2. Andy Reid Still Releases Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb Era Set To Start in 2010

Kevin Kolb is the future -- duh! That's why, after losing to the Cowboys in the Wild Card round, he gets traded to the rival Redskins. 

3. Eagles Sign Jimmy Clausen in 2010 Draft For Insurance Purposes

Just in case Kevin Kolb gets injured, Reid wastes a high draft pick on another QB. The pick gets boos from all angles, as the fans have no idea what's happening.

4. Kevin Kolb Goes Down With Concussion vs. Green Bay, Jimmy Clausen Steps in

During 2010, when this scenario unfolded, it was Michael Vick who steppped up to the plate (and eventually stole Kolb's job). In this world however, Clausen steps in, and gets manhandled by the Packers. He plays the next two weeks against Jacksonville and Detroit, both ending in losses. Clearly, Clausen isn't the QB of the future.

5. Carson Palmer Suffers Elbow Injury, Michael Vick Takes Over

Carson Palmer has been suffering injuries his whole career. His knees have been bad, but his elbow was really bothering him in the 2010 season. Let's say he goes down, Vick comes in and shows he hasn't lost a step. Brings team to a victory, and all the sudden there's a QB controversy in Cincy.

6. Kevin Kolb Returns Week 4, Leads Eagles To 8-8 Season

There was a time, believe it or not, when Kolb was a great QB. Unfortunately, that window of time only lasted a few months. He leads the Eagles to a .500 record, and Andy Reid keeps him around because, hey, he can only get better. Right?

7. Michael Vick Starts For Bengals In 2011, Carson Palmer Traded To Browns

Marvin Lewis has always had a fascination with dual-threat QBs. It would completely make sense for Lewis to go with Vick, who has the hot hand. For now...

8. Kevin Kolb Brings Eagles To 7-9 Record Second Year As Starter

Well, that didn't work out as the Eagles planned. Andy Reid is scratching his head, but has a trick up his sleeve.

9. Eagles Sign Russell Wilson in 3rd Round Of 2012 Draft

Eagles fans are questioning the move by Andy Reid. Why not trade up for RG3 or Andrew Luck? It will be questioned all offseason, but come preseason, when given a chance, we see why Reid signed Wilson. The rookie eventually starts short after Kolb goes down with another injury.

10. Michael Vick Stays Bengals Starter Through 2012, Team Signs Nick Foles in 2012 Draft For Insurance

Would you look at that? It looks like Vick and Foles were always destined to play together. As always, Vick gets hurt and misses a few games. Foles steps in and shows he might just be able to handle this offense in the future.

Well? What do you think? Could ANY of this happened if Vick didn't land in Philly?

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