One of thing that makes Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick such a good coach is his ability to put players in the position to be successful.  With all of the reports being focused on Patriots sensational 2nd year player Rob Gronkowski and his ankle injury or how will their offensive line be able to slow down the Giants defensive line. We are all familiar with Tom Brady and how he has three Super Bowl wins and how he is tying John Elway for the most Super Bowl appearances by a quarter back with five.  This season is the first season we have seen two tight-ends on the same teams have such a great season. Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are two 2nd year players, whom Belichick has formed to be two of the greatest tandems on one team. The real question is what does Belichick have up his sleeve?Could this be the rebirth of Chad Ochocinco?  Was Belichick saving Ochocinco for this one game?

This is Ochocinco’s 11th season, first time in the Super Bowl and former players like Patriots great linebacker Tedy Bruschi have been pretty hard on Chad all season long.  We have seen guys like Deion Branch and Wes Welker have great seasons. However, the media and sports fans have to admit that we would love to see Chad Ochocinco reemerge. We haven’t heard a peep from Chad all season and many analysts have questioned his ability to run good routes and help his team. Will Chad really let the media win and not prove them wrong? Can Chad take the criticism when many will say, he was part of a great team and if they go on to win, really didn’t earn his ring? He expressed today that the Patriots are a elite team, when will Chad be the elite wide reciever we all are so familiar with? 

Belichick doesn’t have his old faithful kicker Adam Vinatieri but he does have a player which still could command a double team and blow the top off a coverage. Belichick has a player in Chad, which could replace or stand in the place of his young great tight-end Rob Gronkowski who suffered a high ankle sprain in the AFC Championship win verses the Ravens. The same injury that hobbled Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, in the later part of their season. This could be the storybook ending or a nice piece to add to Chad Ochocinco’s careers. After spending many years of being the main guy in Cincinnati, has taken a backseat in New England. This season he played in only five games and combined 15 catches, 276 yards and 1 touchdown which came in week 15 versus the Denver Broncos.  By using Ochocinco and if he has a great game it came cement Belichick and his coaching genius.