Super Bowl Sunday is at last here and the fans should be treated to possibly one of the greatest Super Bowls ever. The matchup of the number one offense of the Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks number one defense could be one for the ages. The standout player in Super Bowl 48 will certainly be Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning, arguably the face of the NFL, is coming off the greatest season of his career and one of the greatest seasons in NFL history.

Manning threw for a whopping 5,477 yards passing and 55 touchdowns.  Both were a NFL single season record and Manning will be looking to finish the amazing season off with a Super Bowl crown on Sunday in New Jersey. Manning has been featured in countless commercials, endorsements, won a Super Bowl, set many individual records, but Super Bowl 48 on Sunday will be the most important game of his career in terms of his legacy.

A win for Manning on Sunday would make him the first quarterback ever to lead two different teams to a Super Bowl championship. Manning won Super Bowl 41 following the 2006 season as his Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29-17. Manning was awarded Super Bowl 41 MVP, but didn’t have a typical Manning like game. This could be in part because of a great Bears’ defense in 2006 and also the conditions in Miami were rainy for Super Bowl 41. A win for Manning and the Broncos could be the icing on the cake to the greatest season ever by any team or player in NFL history.

Manning would be the winner of two Super Bowls and put his name right up with the elite of the game. Many would argue Manning is already a top five quarterback based on his regular season career alone, combined with a Super Bowl victory. In this day and age of sports championships out rule every other stat and rightfully so in many cases. Manning being the winner of two Super Bowls would give him that extra boost to make him, in my mind, a top three quarterback of all-time.

One of the most overlooked things in my opinion is how he went to an entirely different team and in just his second season took them to the Super Bowl. Manning has been blessed with some great receivers in his two season with Denver no question, but he has elevated their careers to a level they haven’t experienced in their career. He did the same thing with the receiving core in Indianapolis, but to do it in such a short amount of time with Denver makes this 2013 season the greatest of his career.

Manning’s legacy will be one of greatness whether he wins or loses on Sunday against the Seahawks, but it will be even greater with a win. If Manning losses on Sunday it would give him two loses in the Super Bowl in his career and move his Super Bowl record to 1-2 all-time. Most quarterbacks would dream to make it to three Super Bowls, but when it comes to the “greatest of all-time” talks just making the Super Bowl isn’t enough.

I feel Manning will have a great game on Sunday in Super Bowl 48, but obviously the question if it will be enough to get the job done is yet to be seen. No matter what the outcome is on Sunday, Manning is certain to be the one that is looked at more than any other player in terms of legacy. This is one of the fun things about the NFL and sports in general. The talk of greatest of all-time athlete in a respective sport is sure to raise debate, doubt and arguments that make us realize how much we love the world of sports we live in.

Manning’s legacy could go in one of two directions on Sunday and that is either sky rocket in the eyes of most with a win or take a bit of a tumble with a loss following a historically great season. Manning already has achieved the greatest regular season in the sport’s history, but to make it the greatest season ever he has to win Super Bowl 48. It is all right in front of Manning and the Broncos now they just have to go get the job done like they have all season long.