In a surpise turn of events, Chip Kelly had a change of heart on Wednesday and agreed to jump ship to the NFL as the newest head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelly was 46-7 in four seasons at Oregon. After leading the Ducks to a Fiesta Bowl victory over Kansas State, he was interviewed by the Eagles, Cleveland Browns & Buffalo Bills for potential jobs.

The now former Oregon Ducks head coach is the first college coach to directly jump ship to Philadelphia since Dick Vermeil left UCLA for the Eagles in 1976. And while Philly's defense still in dire need of an intelligent mind on the sidelines, the Eagles offense should easily ascend back to the top of the NFL ranks under Kelly. Oregon's offense ran at a lightning-fast pace of 20.9 seconds per play last season, four seconds faster than the quickest offense in the NFL this season -- the New England Patriots.

However, the main question that comes with Kelly's hiring isn't the future of the Eagles as a team, but rather their future at the quarterback position. Last week, you could almost guarantee that Michael Vick would be wearing a different uniform next season. Now, you could easily argue that Vick will regain his starting job to run Philadelphia's revived offense. But nothing is ever set in stone in the NFL, and you can now add Kelly's decision as a reminder of that.

The fact that Vick is prone to injury, along with his hefty contract, could prove too costly for Kelly to see Vick as the leader of this offense. Another direction the Eagles could take is to acquire a quarterback in the draft, primarily West Virginia's Geno Smith. Smith could make an easy transition from college to the pros under Kelly's system. Smith isn't the Eagles' only option at quarterback, though, as we could see any number of potential players under center for Philadelphia next season.

How do you think the Eagles should proceed at the quarterback position in the coming weeks? Feel free to share your opinion(s) and let the debate begin!