Famed football writer Scott Kacsmar listed on his Twitter Sunday night the nine teams he feels have the most realistic chances of winning the Super Bowl, and I have to agree with his picks: Denver, Seattle, Kansas City, New Orleans, Indianapolis, San Francisco, New England, Cincinnati, and Green Bay.

Among them, it'll all come down to injuries, and who gets hot around mid-December.

The injuries are the big factor at play, because Sunday was like watching the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan. Jay Cutler, Reggie Wayne, Lance Briggs, Brian Cushing, Sam Bradford, among many others, all went down, with some lost for the season.

In the blink of an eye, one of the teams listed above could find themselves lost with a key player sustaining a harrowing injury. The Colts will have to lean heavily on T.Y. Hilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey with Wayne gone, and there's no guarantee they'll be the same.

Such injuries cast new shadows over upcoming slates of games, and we will do our best to break down in the way only we can: with stats, and a modicum of silliness.

Read on, and try not to get hurt.