Honestly, it's Marcus Mariota's world and we all just live in it.

There are some things that have impressed me this college football season, Mariota being one of them. The Oregon Ducks quarterback just rolls up high numbers, runs to daylight and continues to take Oregon to heights unknown. 

This week, the numbers weren't bad. The Ducks feasted on the Colorado Buffaloes, 57-16. This is the new version of the Florida State offense from the 1990s. It's full throttle, extreme and the team plays to the sound fo teh whistle. 

That's college football at its best. Teams like UCLA and Stanford will have a chance to slow things down a bit, but it looks like Washington State is about to become a victim of another drive by. They won't know what hit them once the whistle blows. 

There are others to consider for the Heisman Trophy, but the south (I know I have said this before) has so many great players, they should cancel themselves out.

Here are players who should be considered this week, including the frontrunner.