Willis McGahee NFL Fantasy Football Week 6: 

Waiver Jems: 

1. Willis McGahee: In case you missed it, this guy got 26 touches last Thursday against Buffalo.

He also scored a touchdown. It doesn't look like McGahee is going to have much competition at RB since Richardson went bye-bye. 

2. Zac Stacy: The Rams named Stacy the No. 1 back going into this week's game versus Denver.

The Broncos gave up a touchdown to DeMarco Murray on Sunday along with 48 points. That's not exactly a stout defense.

Unless Chad Henne pulls the unthinkable and tries to out-duel Peyton on Sunday, chances are Zac Stacy will get a lot of carries and yards. 

3. Justin Blackmon: Okay this is a week late, since Blackmon is finished serving his four-game suspension, but who knows? Maybe you have a lousy league or this one slipped through the cracks.

Regardless, it wouldn't hurt to look for Blackmon in the free agent pool OR try to sneak a trade for Julio Jones. I'm not saying it's ethical, I'm just pointing out an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive if you are one of those unfortunate Julio Jones fantasy owners. 

4. Alshon Jeffery: Producing over 200 receiving yards last week and over 100 yards in Week 4, Jeffery is a "must grab" if you have waiver wire priority. He also caught touchdowns in his last two games giving him double-digit fantasy numbers for weeks 4 and 5. 

5. Keenan Allen: Caught 6 passes and a touchdown in Week 5 versus Oakland. Since Malcom Floyd is out for the season, Allen is the primary target for Philip Rivers. 

Week 6 Trade Bait (Sell High): 

1. Alfred Morris: You can probably get a lot for a big name running back like Alfred Morris. The Redskins' offensive scheme is much less run-happy this year than last year. In addition to that, Morris was banged up prior to last week's bye. That week off could be enough time for fellow fantasy players to forget he is not 100 percent. Look to trade him for a big time receiver or tight end like Jimmy Graham. (Note: Trade Results may vary). 

2. As mentioned above, it's worth a try to put Julio Jones on the trading block. If someone doesn't read the news is that your fault? By the way- Julio Jones is out for the year and you might as well try something to salvage your second round draft pick. 

Trade Bait (Buying Low): 

1. By now, Rob Gronkowski owners have got to be getting nervous. Why not offer a middle-tier WR or RB for Gronk? Remember- Gronkowski was an absolute stud last year and you know Tom Brady is eager to start throwing to him again. What ever you offer for him, it probably will be worth it. (Minus Peyton Manning of course). 

Overall, you want to look for someone who has started off slow but has potential to explode at any time. You also need to time that trade by releasing a "big name" player who doesn't fill a positional need for your team. You're welcome...

Potential Week 6 Returns from Injuries: 

1.Rob Gronkowski, NE

2. Jacoby Jones, BAL

3. Stevie Johnson, BUF

4. Lance Moore, NO