Seattle Seahawks 14, Green Bay Packers 12

Taking into account the last touchdown to win the game by Russell Wilson (148 total yards, 2 TDs) could have been called an INT, Wilson’s passing day was mostly forgettable save for one beautiful throw for a 41 yard TD in the first half.  It’s obvious the plan is to run the ball as much as possible and play good defense, but at some point they’re going to have to let the rookie throw down the field.

Aaron Rodgers (240 total yards) was under constant fire from the Seahawks front four, as he was sacked 8 times… in the first half.  The Seahawks were constantly flying at Rodgers and taking away receivers, as he wasn’t able to basically be the Rodgers we fantasy leaguers know and love.  At this point you have to actually be mindful of the matchups with Rodgers, and the Seahawks defense looks fairly matchup proof.

Golden Tate (3-68, 2 TDs) was the only Seahawk receiver that did anything of note, and it’s too bad his beautiful 41 yard TD grab will be overshadowed by the controversy surrounding his game-winning catch.  One thing is obvious though; Wilson does like to look for Tate, so if they take the wraps off the passing game, Tate will be worth owning. 

Mostly a forgettable game by the Packers receivers, though Jermichael Finley (4-60) did have a decent game and was the only Packers receiver that could beat the Seahawks coverage with regularity.  Greg Jennings (6-35) made his return from injury but didn’t make a big impact, and Jordy Nelson (2-19) basically disappeared.

Marshawn Lynch (25 car., 98 yards; 1 rec., 1 yard) had his streak of six home games with 100 yards rushing broken, but just barely.  Lynch is an every week starter as one of the few RBs in the league that gets almost all of his team’s carries, and does extremely well with them.

Cedric Benson (17 car., 45 yards; 1 TD; 4 rec., 19 yards) only ended up with value as the Packers came out in the second half with a commitment to run, but still needed a 4th quarter TD to save his fantasy day.