Cleveland Browns – 27, Cincinnati Bengals – 34

What do you know, Brandon Weeden (328 total yards, 2 TDs) actually showed there’s hope yet for the Browns offense, getting his first 300 yard game of the year and keeping the Browns close throughout.  Of course, maybe this is an indictment of the Bengals defense, so don’t go overboard in picking Weeden off your free agent scrap pile; but at least this shows Cleveland shouldn’t be left for dead in terms of fantasy production.

Andy Dalton (322 total yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT) had to take to the air in this one in order to keep the Bengals out in front of the Browns.  If the Bengals defense isn’t able to get some stops, Dalton might end up with top 12 fantasy stats when it’s all said and done.  Good for fantasy owners that scooped Dalton up as a backup QB, bad for the Bengals in general.

Even though Weeden had a big game, it would still be hard to not take the numbers of receivers like Mohamed Massaquoi (5-90) and Greg Little (5-57, 1 TD) with a grain of salt.  Both players are probably worth a speculative pick up after this week, but don’t count on them yet.

Big plays were the name of the game as Brandon Tate (3-71, 1 TD), Armon Binns (5-66), AJ Green (7-58, 1 TD), and Andrew Hawkins (2-56, 1 TD) were all worthy of fantasy consideration.  Jermaine Gresham (4-37) had a quiet game with all the downfield passing, however.

And this was the type of game fantasy owners were looking for when they drafted Trent Richardson (19 car., 109 yards 1 TD; 4 rec., 36 yards, 1 TD) as a low end RB1/high end RB2.  Not every defense will be as weak as the Bengals have shown thus far this season, but Richardson has the talent to succeed no matter the odds.  He’s one of the few RBs these days that get all the carries, so start him if you got him. 

And the other RB that’s one of the few that gets all the carries is BenJarvus Green-Ellis (21 car., 75 yards; 3 rec., 30 yards) who didn’t have quite the same success but still got over 100 total yards for the game.