Houston at Tennessee (-7)

Not surprisingly, things have gone from bad to worse for the Texans since they canned Gary Kubiak and inserted Wade “Curse of Flutie” Phillips into the interim head coaching position a couple of weeks ago.

Houston had been mostly competitive, if unsuccessful, in the several losing weeks leading up to Kubiak’s firing, but in two games under Phillips, the Texans have fallen off the face of the earth, losing to Indianapolis and Denver by an average of 23 PPG.

The 6-9 Titans are headed for yet another mediocre finish this year. Tennessee is in the middle of the pack just about everywhere on our Quality Stats totem pole, though their rankings in some key categories such as the Offensive Hog Index have crept up to respectable levels of late.

Houston, of course, has been a Quality Stats disaster in 2013, and it continues to be the dumbest, worst-coached team in the NFL based on our efficiency measures of Bendability and Scoreability.

The Titans probably aren’t good enough to be favored by this many points against most teams, but against a Houston team that appears to have checked out mentally on the 2013 season, this number actually seems reasonable.

However, keep mind that one of two Houston wins this year came against the Titans, in OT, back in Week 2, while Tennessee boasts just one win all year of more than a touchdown (38-13 over Jets back in Week 4).

Pick: Tennessee 24, Houston 21