by Justin Henry
Cold Hard Football Facts' Meme Machine (@jrhwriting)

I've never gotten coal in my stocking, but this Eagles fan once got a Freddie Mitchell jersey for Christmas when he was 19. Wasn't even a gag gift either; this was still in the "he's only in his second year, he'll pay dividends' phase. He did, for one play in the 2003 playoffs, but that was enough. We could've drafted Reggie Wayne, but hey: WE HAD FRED-EX!

Bitter rant aside, Christmas is often a wondrous time to stock up on NFL goods. I'm sure the Eagles lightswitch cover I got my brother four years ago is still in its packaging, and the Eagles wallet a dear friend got me a year ago hasn't had my license and cards transfered to it yet, but that's Christmas for ya: acquisition is better than gainful use.

Same feeling when the Eagles drafted Freddie Mitchell. See how it all circles back?

Merry Christmas, everybody!