by Justin Henry
Cold Hard Football Facts' Meme Machine (@jrhwriting)

Ahh, Thanksgiving.

The day of the year where we're supposed to be thankful for what we have, and then go out at 8 o'clock to stand in front of Best Buy and K-Mart to acquire more.

The time when Rob Ryan impresses family and friends alike by matching his age in platefuls of food consumed.

That glorious morn when my high school alma mater, the Millville Thunderbolts, tramples the Vineland Fighting Clan underfoot of their power running game.

The day where there is to be no stress outside of the cooking, unless you have players from your fantasy team active during dinner. Remember: if you're not pensively checking your roster on your phone during the blessing, you don't deserve to win.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all of the readers here at Cold Hard Football Facts, and enjoy these snapshots and factoids. I do them because you've been blessed.