What if they could do it all over again? 

Would the Panthers take the reigning defensive player of the year J.J. Watt and pass on their franchise quarterback Cam Newton?  If they did, how far would Newton slip? 

Would Cam Newton still be the top quarterback taken in the draft, or would Colin Kaepernick be the preferred choice after leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl birth a season ago?  Would teams in the top ten pass on stars such as A.J. Green, Patrick Peterson, and Julio Jones to take a franchise quarterback such as Andy Dalton?  And how many quarterbacks would still be taken in the first round?  Would Jake Locker still be a first round pick?  Would Christian Ponder?  Would Blaine Gabbert?  Would the suspension of Von Miller and the trip to rehab for Aldon Smith affect their draft status, and if so how much?

These are only a few of the fun questions to answer if the NFL could re-do the historic 2011 NFL draft, a draft that brought all the before mentioned superstars into the NFL, along with such names as Richard Sherman, Justin Houston, Robert Quinn, Randall Cobb, Mike Pouncey and DeMarco Murray.

Here's a look at the 2011 NFL Draft...if they could do it all over again.