After another disappointing season in D.C., the Redskins look towards an offseason that could mean Coach Mike Shanahan is the savior or the next coach that is on his way out the door. With a record of 5-11, Washington fans are dying for a game changer, a player that will take them back to glory.
With the fifth pick in the 2012 NFL draft, they are more than likely going to miss out on who the fans are all dying for, that is Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. His mixture of size (6’2’’, 220lbs,) speed (in high school, he broke Texas state records in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles,) and accuracy (72.4 completion percentage last year) makes him the perfect fit behind an unsure Washington offensive line. But the Browns are a pick ahead of the Redskins and many believe Colt McCoy is not the future, not to mention the Miami Dolphins are the eight or ninth pick and could possibly trade up with the Rams, who already have a franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford, and will be looking at OT Matt Kalil, USC, or WR Justin Blackmon, OSU. Not to mention, the Vikings could be looking to drop back from their number three pick seeing how they drafted QB Christian Ponder last year, and are looking for a big time receiver or cornerback that will be available in the second half of the top ten, even later in the first round.
Now with all that being said, the Washington Redskins will not be pursuing any big free agents, even though there are a lot of them, the big names will look to resign or be franchised, and others are too old and know they will not get one more shot at a Super Bowl by signing in D.C. next year. Not to mention, that was the Redskins of old. If they somehow can out bid the Browns and Dolphins and sneak up to get RG III that is their guy. But I would not be surprised if they sit back on their fifth pick and take Morris Claiborne, cornerback LSU. Washington fans have been dying for that lockdown corner they used to have in Champ Bailey and Claiborne has the potential to be every bit of that. He is 6’1’’ 185 lbs, voted First-Team all SEC, SEC Defensive Player of the Year, had six picks, had 46 total tackles, and 443 return yards. This kid has the potential to be something big, and even though he might not be the game changer fans are looking for to have immediate success, he is the smart pick the Mike Shanahan and George Allen regime need. Before Matt Barkley said he was staying at USC, Redskins Nation was drooling over him and guess what? He will be in the 2013 NFL draft and Washington should be able to get in position to draft him. Claiborne provides a pass defense, that ranked 12th in the NFL last year, a shutdown option who can lock on to any teams best receiver and alter opposing offenses’ game plans.