Every game has its zeros and heroes. For the Redskins vs. Rams, the heroes the two quarterbacks. For the zeros, it was the two players who got into a heated battle.


Robert Griffin III

He had two touchdowns and an interception during the game. He is shinning as a rookie quarterback and seems to be just what the Redskins need.  There is no doubt why the Redskins traded so much in order to get him.  He really did play his heart out.

Sam Bradford

Eight is great, and eight was great throughout the entire game. The confident and commanding Sam Bradford had three touchdowns and an interception during the game. His quick thinking and decision to keep targeting Danny Amendola led the Rams to victory.

Bradford was able to get 310 yards during the game, which is not easy to do against the Redskins.  He also took charge during the huddles and made calls like a more seasoned quarterback. He wasn't the same shaky player he was during last week's game, and proved that he really has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.


Josh Morgan and Cortland Finnegan

Finnegan had a great game and proved that he's a great cornerback. However, he did have words with Josh Morgan. There's even a picture of the two practically trying to strangle each other.

While frustrations were high during the game, there is never any need for it to get violent or nasty. When at work, everyone including professional athletes are supposed to conduct themselves in a professional manner. In fact, Finnegan acted in a similar manner towards Steven Tulloch during Week 1.

The Substitute Referees

They were horrible and had no clue what they were doing. There was a lot of anger from the coaches, fans, and even players. I had to add them to the list since they were just so disgraceful. Hopefully a deal with the real officials will come soon.