The St. Louis Rams won their home opener against the Washington Redskins. Below are the top five things that were learned during the game.

Sam Bradford Is Great When Helped

Sam Bradford was able to account for three touchdowns in the game against the Redskins. With a good wide receiver core, Sam can get it done. With wide receivers open and actually able to catch the ball, Bradford can be the franchise quarterback St. Louis wants him to be. Sam's performance on the field was quite telling as well. Bradford was also was commanding the huddles, making line calls and leading the offense in a Payton Manning-like style.

Danny Amendola Is The Best WR

Danny Amendola had a rough start to the game. However, he was able to come back with a vengeance. Danny only got better and better as the game wore on. When Amendola has the confidence he needs he can really shine. Amendola had 160 yards and 15 catches in the game against Washington. The team suffered in the absence of Amendola for most of last season and he was terribly missed.

Rams Defense Is One Of The Best

While the Rams are still not capable of destroying any defense, they proved that they can challenge the best of them. The Rams fight until the bitter end of the game, which is something they haven't done in previous years. Imagine how much better the defense is going to be when Michael Brockers is back in two weeks!

The Referee Lockout Has To End

We need the regular referees back and we need them back now! It's clear that the temporary refs don't know what they're doing. Even Steven Jackson got so frustrated that he spiked the football, and he's normally a very calm guy. The referees performance was disgraceful last week, but it was even worse this week. If the game didn't give the situation a sense of urgency then nothing will.

They Got The Right Richardson

At first many Rams fans wanted to draft Trent Richardson. Towards the end of the draft the Rams selected a running back named Daryl Richardson. As mentioned before Steven Jackson spiked the football in a moment of frustration. Since the team wanted to calm him down, the rookie Daryl Richardson took over for him. Richardson had 83 rushing yards and 19 receiving yards during the game. He even had a two point conversion as well. The Rams have a legacy of having elite running backs and it looks like the tradition is going to continue with Daryl Richardson.

So there you have it, those are five things that we learned about the Rams during week two of the season. What will we learn about the Rams during week three? Hopefully a few more good things.