The best players make the big plays when they are most needed.

After today's game, there is no doubt who the respective best players are for the New York Giants and Washington Redskins.

Even the best, most reliable players on a team make mistakes.

After today's game, the obvious became clear for both teams, "everyone's human".

It was much like watching a heavyweight title fight. The Redskins and Giants were the most evenly matched as two teams have been in recent memory. Outside of a few penalties, nobody on either team made any costly mistakes.

The 13-13 halftime score showed that this was to be a game that would come down to the wire. In fact, FOX analyst Thom Brennaman, while calling today's Redskins - Giants game, predicted as much by saying, "This game will come down to who has the ball last."  

His statement was 100% accurate. The third quarter found both teams' offenses going deep into enemy territory only to have a turnover squelch their scoring chances

The Giants scored another touchdown. The Redskins, a field goal. Time was becoming a major factor, as just over five minutes remained in the game with the score 20-16 in favor of New York.

Bringing us to naming the following players-

Redskins' Hero Of The Game: Quarterback Robert Griffin III 

Remember the first line of this article, about big players making big plays? Griffin III cemented his status as Washington's 'Big Player'.

Griffin III got himself a game winning touchdown, throwing to wide receiver Santana Moss with under two minutes to play against the Giants.  

Except it WAS NOT the game winner, it turns out. The Giants had something to say about this so-called "game winner". 

New York Giants' Hero Of The Game: (tie) Quarterback Eli Manning and Wide Receiver Victor Cruz 

With 1:13 showing on the clock following the RG3 to Moss touchdown, Manning threw a 77 yard touchdown pass to up-and-coming wideout Victor Cruz.

Manning may as well have thrown a spear through the hearts of Redskins' fans.

However, at this point, the game was not quite over. The Redskins got the ball back, one last time, down by a score of 27-23, with fearless leader Griffin III moving the offense downfield once again. Leading to...

The Redskins' Zero Of The Game: wide receiver Santana Moss?

As hard a time as you may have believing this, is as hard a time as I had writing this. The man whom I've called "Mr. Reliable" proved un-reliable when, following an impressive 11 yard catch and run from Griffin III, Moss FUMBLED THE BALL when he was caught and tackled by Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn.

Game over. Giants win 27-23. Drive home safely.

Oh, the Zero of the game for the Giants? Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw.

Following two weeks of outstanding rushing performances, Bradshaw laid an egg today, gaining a slight 43 yards on 12 carries.

*Author's Note: Thanks to the awful officiating against the Redskins early in this game, Washington now is without tight end and leading receiver Fred Davis due to an achilles' injury. The injury likely would not have happened had the refs CORRECTLY "not called" Davis for an illegal shift on a sweet touchdown pass by Griffin III early in the first quarter. On the re-play of that down following the penalty, Davis injured his achilles.

So, thank you referees! Not only did the Redskins lose what could have been four points (touchdown vs. field goal) and a tie score late, but they also lost Fred Davis.

I SO do not want to hear them announce later this week how "they DID get that penalty wrong!"