Anything the Washington Redskins do this season has to be better than anything they did last season. The 2013 season turned out to be more of a soap opera than it was a football season. Everything surrounded Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder could not get on the same page. Robert Griffin III was fully healed and every other thing associated with the franchise sank quicker than the third Hangover movie.

These Redskins are now under the guidance of first time head coach Jay Gruden, who brings a youthful exuberance to the team and a chance the franchise can revive itself The NFC East is not a beast and finishing second to the Eagles is a real possibility. But everyone has to be on the same page. Here are three bold predictions for the team as it heads to training camp in 2014.


The Redskins helped themselves by bringing in another pair of hands to stretch the field with Pierre Garcon. There is only one problem – Garcon had 113 receptions last season and over 1,300 yards in offense. Jackson comes to the Capital and expects to be “the man” in the Redskins passing game. A war of words ensures between the two ego-driven players, which is not the thing Jay Gruden needs in his day of camp. Jackson shows his diva side. Garcon pouts. Robert Griffin III gets pissed and Daniel Snyder tries to smooth things over by telling the media, “Everything little thing, is going to be alright.”


The Redskins went into camp with quarterback Guru Jay Gruden’s plan. RGIII is the certain starter, Kirk Cousins was the backup and Colt McCoy was signed to be the third string passer/ But as the minicamp and practices evolve, it appears Cousins is not happy with the process and wants a shot at the starting position, to which Gruden explains this is Griffin’s team. Cousins is just “average” in the passing drills and missed many targets, causing him to be demoted to the third team. McCoy looks sharp and in control, earning him a few reps with the first team. Cousins immediately demands to be traded to the Jaguars where he thinks he can unseat Chad Henne and Blake Bortles. The Jaguars laugh at the offer.


Brandon Merriweather can be one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. But the undisciplined player has been known for hard hits and injuring the opposition. This year appears to be no different. Merriweather puts everyone on notice that he will attack ever play in practice and a live game as though his career depends on it. On a one-on-one drill, the Hurricanes defensive back challenges former Hurricanes receiver Santana Moss. Merriweather hits the veteran receiver, turning him inside out and injuring him. Merriweather appears to be proud of his work. Moss retire after the hit.