That was the headline on December 30, 2008 of the hometown newspaper, The Denver Post.
After the successful sports franchise struggled for three successive seasons, Broncos owner, Pat Bowlen, dumped head coach Mike Shanahan for a new direction. I didn't blame Bowlen for firing Shanahan.

I know he is a good coach, with back-to-back Super Bowl wins, but for three years in a row his Denver teams were consistent only in their mediocrity.

Sometimes when a team is underperforming, you have to shake things up a bit.
Shanahan got shaken right out of the team locker room and out of the NFL for a stretch.
The next headline in his life read:
That’s what The Washington Post headline reported on January 7, 2010.
The wayward Washington Redskins hired him with hopes that he could revive their program. I have my doubts.
First, it’s important to note that Shanahan achieved his Super Bowl success with the Broncos alongside a Hall of Fame quarterback, John Elway. Without Elway, his Denver teams disappointed. Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer couldn’t make it to the promised land.

And I think Shanahan put way too much faith in quarterback Jay Cutler, who in my opinion, doesn't have that winning instinct that makes him a great player or team leader.
Thus the important question as he enters his third season with the Redskins is can Shanahan win without Elway? This season is crucial for that question because it is the first with his new top round draft pick, quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin, with a strong arm and the ability to scramble, certainly has some similarities to Elway. Redskins fans hope coach and quarterback can return Shanahan to his Super Bowl glory days.
Another lingering question hovering over Shanahan’s tenure with the Redskins is should his son, Kyle Shanahan, be calling the offensive plays? Washington has struggled with this father and son tandem team in charge.

Nepotism and losing seasons only breed negativity. I believe it is time for the son to leave the father’s side and prove his abilities with another NFL franchise.
That’s how the SI.com headline read after Washington’s preseason victory over Buffalo, 7-6. That’s an encouraging start for Shanahan, but there is a lot of season to go. We’re still waiting to see what the next big headline in Shanahan’s career will be.