RG3The biggest question mark heading into the 2013 season is whether the knee of the “golden child” Robert Griffin III has completely healed? 

Will he be ready by Week 1? If the answer is yes, then the Skins will be competitive. If the answer is no, you are looking at a setback as I have no faith in Kirk Cousins. 

The Redskins need RGIII back at the helm to operate this pistol-style zone-read offense. Let’s break down the schedule.

For the sake of it, I am going to assume that RGIII will be back by Week 1. 

Week 1 vs. Philadelphia (1-0)

Chip Kelly’s new wide open offense gets an early test in the nation’s capital. 

The Redskins fresh off the playoffs the previous year, look to build on their success and continue to run the table in the NFC East. RG III looks solid in his return and the Skins win in a shootout. Skins 41, Eagles 34

Week 2 @ Green Bay (1-1)

Lambeau Field can be very intimidating for road teams. The Redskins will not be able to match Green Bay’s offensive firepower. RGIII won’t be able to keep up with Aaron Rodgers. Packers 38, Skins 24

Week 3 vs. Detroit (2-1)

The Redskins shore up their defense with young talent and they are able to contain Detroit’s high-powered offense. Calvin Johnson has a good day, but RGIII and Albert Morris have a better one. The Redskins in another shootout wins this game. Skins 44, Lions 28

Week 4 vs. Oakland (3-1)

The Raiders lost two of their main offensive weapons during the offseason. Darren McFadden cannot carry this suspect group by himself. RGIII knee is completely healed now and the Skins roll easily. Skins 33, Raiders 6

Week 5 Bye

A much-needed rest for that knee. 

Week 6 @ Dallas (3-2)

The Redskins won in Dallas last season, but look for the Cowboys to exact revenge and slow down the Redskins' running game. This is a rival game full of big hits, and plenty of trash talking. Both teams buckle down on defense and the Cowboys win as time expired by 3. Da' Boys 23, Redskins 20

Week 7 vs. Chicago (3-3)

The Bears' revamped offense is killing the NFL. They lead the league in total offense at this point in the season. The Skins coming off a big loss in Dallas, don’t have the energy to keep up with Jay Cutler and company. The Bears win one in DC. Bears 30, Skins 13

Week 8 @ Denver (4-3)

Nobody expects Washington to come into Denver and beat the Broncos. Mike Shanahan returns back to the place where he won two Super Bowl titles. Peyton Manning works his magic, but the defense lets down the Mile High City again. The Redskins grind out a huge road victory. Skins 24, Broncos 16

Garcon Week 9 vs. San Diego (5-3)

The Chargers are inconsistent. Their defense is horrible. The Redskins are feeling good after beating Denver the previous week and want to keep “Uncle Mo” on their side. 

The Chargers hang tough for a quarter, but the effects of the travel from the West Coast to the East takes its toll. Redskins 35, Chargers 17

Week 10 @ Minnesota (6-3)

Adrian Peterson rushes for 247 yards, but the Skins buckle down late in the fourth quarter and force a fumble. 

RGIII drives the length of the field with no timeouts and gets the victory. Skins 31, Vikings 28

Week 11 @ Philadelphia (6-4)

The Eagles have figured out how Chip Kelly wants to play. Michael Vick shows flashes of his old self and sparks the Eagles' offense. They rack up over 500 yards of total offense and rout the Redskins. Eagles 42, Skins 10. 

Week 12 vs. San Francisco (6-5)

Still smarting from the loss in Philly, Frank Gore leads an unstoppable running attack against the Skins' suspect defense. The two offenses are mirror images of each other and they trade rushing touchdowns back and forth. The 49ers' defense steps up in overtime and the 49ers escape with a 3 point victory. 49ers 33, Redskins 30

Week 13 vs. New York (7-5)

The Redskins control their own playoff destiny. The Giants are the typical Giants. All the talent in the world, yet they can’t produce on the football field. The Redskins harass Eli Manning all day and cause him to throw three interceptions. The Redskins whiz pass their NFC East rival. Redskins 27, Giants 7

Week 14 vs. Kansas City (8-5)

If this game was in Kansas City, it would be a loss. However, Andy Reid has the Chiefs playing better and more efficient, but the Redskins are too much to handle. RGIII has some swelling in his knee and Kirk Cousins come off the bench to lead the Redskins to another victory. Skins 19, Chiefs 10

Week 15 @ Atlanta (8-6)

The Falcons are on a hot streak and playing in the Georgia Dome is no picnic. RGIII knee is a bit sore but he fights through the pain. He has his worst day of the season and throws two interceptions and fumbles once. Falcons get the win. Falcons 34, Skins 7

Week 16 vs. Dallas (9-6)

In this rivalry, they always split. This game is another close epic battle. The crowd at FedEx Field is split in half. RGIII is unstoppable in the 2nd half and leads the Redskins back after trailing by 10 in the 4th quarter. Albert Morris rushes for 151 yards. Skins 28, Dallas 24

Week 17 @ New York (9-7)

New York is out of the playoff race and wants to play spoiler. The Redskins need this win to clinch the NFC East. A loss will give them the 6th seed. Eli Manning is on fire from start to finish and torches the Redskins' defense. The champagne is put on hold in the Redskins' locker room as the Giants roll. Giants 38, Skins 22

My prediction: The Redskins squeaks into the playoffs as the 6th seed.