Adrian PetersonLast season, fans were singing the praises of the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings – two teams that were in the bottom of the NFL barrel looking for a way out toward mediocrity and both made the playoffs.

This season, we are back to seeing them as fish in a very deep barrel.

The ‘Skins and the Vikings are looking for a way out of the 2013-14 season and way to find greener pastures in free agency, the Draft and the offseason.

Don’t be discouraged by the records – this could still be a very entertaining game with plenty of scoring.

How can you not like a matchup that features Robert Griffin III and Adrian Peterson opposing each other? How can you not like the idea of Jared Allen trying to attack the pocket or David Amerson continuing to show why he is a dynamic rookie ready to become a dynamic star?

Does Minnesota take another step out of the running for the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft? Can Christian Ponder make Vikings brass realize he is the answer for the near future of this team?

Here are three bold predictions for a game I think could be a 34-31 win for either side.

Cousins to the rescue

RGIII is not the same quarterback he was last season; 300-yard games are just not getting the job done. While there are times when we see the gem he was last season, his footwork and his speed lack at times, which only hurts his team.

When Kirk Cousins has been in the game in relief of Griffin, there is a change in the team atmosphere –of course – but there is also a change in the huddle. Could Cousins will this team to a win? I think so. If RGIII falters, I boldly say there will be a change behind center and maybe a win for the Redskins.

Let the controversy begin.

AP all night

Two seasons ago, Adrian Peterson was hit on the knee – destroying and ending his 2011 NFL season. And what took place after that was one of the most remarkable rehabilitation programs in sports history. Peterson since then has been a beast, part Jim Brown, part Gayle Sayers. And I am sure he remembers the hit every game he plays. Going up against the Redskins probably makes it that much more real.

Look for Peterson to rack up 150 yards rushing and three touchdowns on the evening. It actually could be more than that, too.

The curious case of Christian Ponder

The Vikings brought in Josh Freeman from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because they thought he could be the savior at a position that needed more than a small boost.

We saw what Freeman could do and we were not impressed.

Lost in all of this is the fact that Ponder is fighting to remain the starter of this team and one of the faces of this franchise. As part of the rebirth of this FSU alum, Ponder has looked good in his last two outings and was seconds away from winning in Dallas last week, his home town.

Look for Ponder to throw for 320 yards and two scores as he continues to impress.