Madieu WilliamsIt was rough.

It was the kind of hit that Roger Goodell is trying to eliminate from the NFL.

If anyone on the Saints' offense other than Jimmy Graham had taken that shot, they would have been out for the rest of the game. 

It was the type of hit that causes concussions, the biggest issue facing the NFL today, and can only be corrected by changing the culture of the NFL.

So why haven't we heard about an impending fine or suspension?

The hit came with 2:55 left to play, on a pass that had already been broken up. 

In fact, if Williams had kept his eyes open, he would have had a great chance at an interception.  However, he was too focused on making the hit to even try to grab the ball. 

Williams very clearly launched at Graham, and wound up striking Graham somewhere between the face and chin with the crown of his helmet. 

Williams has long been known for his physical play, and probably should have earned more flags during the course of the game. On one drive in the third quarter, he was flagged for pass interference, knocking Colston to the ground before the ball arrived. 

Later in that same drive, he body slammed Lance Moore after the ball sailed incomplete, but was not flagged (DeJon Gomes was flagged for pass interference on that play, one of several penalties he would receive that game).

Williams was fined $5000 in 2010 for a similar shot on Brian Hartline, who plays for Miami. He also was flagged for a helmet to helmet hit in 2011 against the Seahawks, but was not fined because review clearly showed that it was not a helmet to helmet hit.

The 2010 fine did not come until the Friday following the game, but there still should be some chatter predicting the fine. The fact that there hasn't been any suggests that either Goodell has not had a chance to review the play or there is no fine coming.

If this hit does not get punished, I have to question the consistency of the league. While I doubt Goodell really has an interest in player safety, I do believe he wants to be known as the man who greatly improved it. 

Letting shots like this go won't improve player safety, and runs counter to everything the commissioner has done since taking over.

Hopefully he understands this and takes the appropriate action.

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