How exactly do the Redskins plan to win more games this season? Certainly not with good defense, apparently.

Sixteen catches by Danny Amendola, breaking a more than fifty year old Rams' single game record for receptions.

I'm sorry, but if I'm coaching defense in a National Football League game, I'm putting two guys on Amendola, on every down, after he catches pass number six! Are you kidding me? This is Jim Haslett we're talking about, right? The same coordinator of Pittsburgh Steelers fame? It is? Oh Shhhh....

Sixty-three points have been surrendered by this defense already, through just two games. (Okay, seven on special teams from that god awful blocked punt Sav Rocca had against the Saints last week).

Still, if your defense continues giving away points at 31 per game, you're looking at a season grand total in excess of 500 points! The Redskins would need to score in excess of 600 points on the year just to break the .500 mark!

No disrespect to Danny Amendola, of course, but during the game a graphic appeared on the screen comparing him side by side with Wes Welker.

Offensively, the Redskins turned in another good showing. Robert Griffin III, while not as near perfect as he was against the New Orleans Saints, still played remarkably well considering this game was only the second of his young NFL career.

Griffin III stretched his legs in this game, oh yes he did. He ran for 82 yards on 11 rushes, scoring two touchdowns with his legs in the process. RG3 tossed a touchdown as well, as part of his 206 yards passing. His completion percentage was still good, completing 20 of 26.

Sadly, Griffin III will not become the first quarterback in NFL history without a career interception. A moment of silence, please, for Griffin III is indeed mortal and human, like the rest of us.

A replay also revealed that, nearing the end of the game, trailing 31-28 and needing a first down, Griffin missed Santana Moss running so freely in the secondary he could have relaxed and had a sandwich while waiting for the ball to get to him.

Yet through all of this, the Redskins had hope yet. Wide receiver Josh Morgan caught a pass and was brought down on the Rams 29 yard line, and a convertable 46 yard field goal by Billy Cundiff was all that was needed to send the game into overtime!


Josh Morgan lost his cool.

And cost the Redskins 15 yards.

And because 62 yards is just silly-long for a game tying field goal attempt for Cundiff...

Josh Morgan lost the game.

Note to Mike Shanahan: Please make an example of him, so temper tantrums like this never cost the Redskins another game.