David Amerson After giving up their first round pick this season for the rights to the second overall pick they had last season when they selected Robert Griffin III, the Washington Redskins showed up late to the draft.

Here are the seven draft picks and 12 rookie free agents that owner Daniel Snyder and head coach Mike Shanahan selected to boost their NFC East champion team from a season ago.

Draft Picks

2nd Round: David Amerson, Cornerback

3rd Round: Jordan Reed, Tight End

4th Round: Phillip Thomas, Strong Safety

5th Round: Chris Thompson, Running Back

6th Round: Bacarri Rambo, Free Safety

7th Round: Jawan Jamison, Running Back


Rookie Free Agents

Jacolby Ashworth, Offensive Line

Marvin Burdette, Linebacker

Will Compton, Linebacker

Skye Dawson, Wide Receiver

Jeremy Kimbrough, Linebacker

Xavier Nixon, Offensive Line

Emmanuel Ogbuehi, Tight End

Chip Reeves, Wide Receiver

Tevita Stevens, Offensive Line

Jason Thompson, Wide Receiver

Kyle Wilborn, Offensive Line

Nick Williams, Wide Receiver


The Redskins were one of the most improved teams in 2012, and should be equally as good if not better in 2013 depending on the health of Robert Griffin III and how well the offensive line can protect him.

After seeing their most prized possession in years go down with a devastating knee in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks, the only new protection RGIII can look forward to is Jacolby Ashworth, Xavier Nixon, and Kyle Wilborn.

The smart thing Snyder did in this draft was address his need for another tight end after he saw his offense suffer when Fred Davis went down with a injury. All-Sec Gator Jordan Reed should be a perfect fit with a Redskins' offense that likes to run the pistol formation.

The Redskins' only real downside in 2012 was stopping their opponent's passing game. Now maybe with linebackers Will Compton and Marvin Burdette in camp; the Redskins could possibly have a top 5 overall defense to go with their high-powered offense.