Washington Redskins: Is Alfred Morris the Next Terrell Davis?

By Wesley Van Anden
September 05, 2012 1:38 am
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He isn't very flashy, so don't expect any heart-stopping jukes and spins like Barry Sanders.

He isn't a burner, streaking down the sidelines in a blur like Bo Jackson.

Who is this guy, then?

Let's see, he was drafted by Mike Shanahan.

He went to a small school.

He was picked in the sixth round of the draft.

Considered a long shot to make the final 53 man roster, but due to an impressive preseason, made the final cut.

I got it! It's Terrell Davis!

Actually, I'm not talking about the former Denver Broncos' Super Bowl MVP winning running back. Although, if Davis secretly snuck into Redskins' park and put on a jersey, then went out on the field to play, he might look like this.

Redskins RB Alfred Morris picks up some yards.

The player pictured above is of course NOT Terrell Davis. That is a picture of Washington Redskins rookie running back, No. 46 Alfred Morris. While Morris is certainly his own person and his own runner, the similarities between him and Terrelle Davis cannot be ignored.

Like Davis, who went to Long Beach State, Alfred Morris went to a smaller college, Florida Atlantic. Both running backs were selected in the sixth round of their respective drafts. Both were relative unknowns entering their respective training camps and considered long shots to even make the team's final 53.

And they both had head-turning preseasons.

Terrelle Davis went so far as to be named starter for the Denver Broncos season opener in 1995. Davis went on to start 13 more games, averaging 4.7 yards per carry while totalling 1,117 yard for the season. In doing so, Terrelle Davis became the lowest draft pick ever to gain 1,000 yards rushing his rookie season.

Terrelle Davis would go on to play a pivotal role in the Denver Broncos back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1997-98. His running ability finally helped Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway get the monkey off his back and win that Super Bowl that had eluded him.

By rushing for 2,008 yard in 1998, Davis also became the lowest drafted player to join the '2,000 Club', joining the likes of Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson. It was his performance in 1998 that earned Davis the NFL MVP award.


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3 years ago
You make a good argument here, Wes. Although I kind of liken Morris' running style to Marshawn Lynch. Your thoughts?
2 years ago

Lynch is a workhorse, so is Morris, I agree
3 years ago
Currently watching Redskins vs. Saints, and distinctly heard one of the commentators on FOX mention that Morris & Terrell Davis' situations are rather similar....what a concept!
2 years ago

you're such a trendsetter
3 years ago
Your article looks like, based on the date, the start of a trend of Morris vs. Davis comparisons, good catch!
2 years ago

I just mentioned that
3 years ago
Stanley, Lynch seems more power back to me.
3 years ago

Lynch = Beast mode Enough said
2 years ago

Lynch isn't the only beast mode runner out there though, dude
2 years ago

3 years ago
Morris may score more TD's than TD himself did.
2 years ago

I doubt that

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