Ironically, one of the most racist nicknames remaining in U.S. sports is a team located in the nation’s capital, but motions have been made to change it.

Washington D.C. Council members are preparing to propose a resolution to change the Redskins' nickname, according to the Washington Post. Council member David Grosso is the leader in the resolution calling the current name “derogatory and racist”.

“It’s been a long time that we’ve had this name associated with Washington, and I think it’s time we take a stand and change it,” Grosso said.

Grosso also had a suggestion on what the team could change the nickname to: the Washington Redtails which would be in honor of the Tuskegee Airmen, the pioneering group of African-American pilots who served for the United States during World War II. Grosso argued the team’s fight song could stay the same according to

"You can still sing the song and everything. Hail ... to the ... Redtails," Grosso said.

In the end, the board cannot force the NFL and the Washington Redskins franchise to change the team’s longtime nickname, but the D.C. councilmen think the resolution will take away the Redskins’ trademark protection. By doing this, the franchise could see major losses financially, and the councilmen hope the losses are significant enough for Redskins owner Dan Snyder to make the change.

Although it is not directly related, it is interesting to note the Washington Redskins were the last team to emigrate black players on their roster during the civil rights movement. The Redskins, however, remain the only franchise to win a Super Bowl with a black starting quarterback with Doug Williams in Super Bowl XXII.

Whether it is Redskins or Redtails, fans in Washington hope Robert Griffin III becomes the second black quarterback to win the Super Bowl.

"I just don't want it [the nickname] to be offensive, and at the end, what I'd love to call them is world champions," Grosso said, according to Washington Examiner.