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Aaron RodgersWhew, that was ugly...If you're a Redskins' fan like myself, that was one of the most putrid and embarrassing performances I've seen in a long time.

There is a myriad of issues at hand (we'll get to that). 

If you're a Packers fan, well you have a lot to be excited about on this Monday.

My prediction article before the weekend, well....that didn't go so well. Oh, how the NFL continues to surprise. You just never know. 

Green Bay Packers 38, Washington Redskins 20

Five Things We Learned:

1. Aaron Rodgers based just on pure throwing talent, is the best QB in the NFL. 

Have you seen some of the highlights from Sunday? Rodgers threw for 480 yards and 4 touchdowns. At one point he had the Packers up 31-0 in the third quarter on Sunday. 

Rodgers, when given any time, will pick you apart. The Skins came out with an aggressive pass rush early on, sacking Rodgers three times in the first two posessions. After that, the Pack made some adjustments and Rodgers was a machine. 

You can argue with me all you want, but Rodgers is the best pure thrower of the pigskin in the NFL. He puts the ball in places only his receivers can make plays on and is surrounded by a wealth of options (Finley, Cobb, Nelson, Jones all scored a TD). He is amazing to watch and makes Green Bay a threat for the Super Bowl every season.

Not fair Green Bay, you've been too blessed with QB play for way too long...

2. Skins' QB Robert Griffin III is just not himself 

It's fairly obvious to any observer right now that RGIII is either not fully healthy or is too afraid to get hurt again. It's most likely a mixture of both. 

He looks tenative in the pocket and without the threat of him scrambling outside the pocket, the offense from a year ago looks in slow motion.

He is not the best pocket passer and even on his dropbacks looks slower. Defenses know this and are attacking the middle of the offensive line not allowing Griffin to step up in the pocket.

What alarms me is the lack of fire or intensity he is showing on some plays. Yesterday, it seemed like he was at half-speed. Even on the sideline, I didn't see encouragment, togetherness or anything of the sort.

Maybe RGIII rushed himself back, maybe he is doing too many commercials and buying into his own hype. I wanna see the reckless/fearless leader from a year ago. I think RGIII and his offense read too many press clippings this off-season and have not worked as hard as last season. It shows in the details. 

Five for 21 on third downs, turnovers and penalties all over the field. Not good. Now, if RGIII struggles next week and the Skins fall to 0-3, do you bench him for his own good? 

We shall see. 

3. The several thousand seat additions at Lambeau Field make it an even tougher place to play.

Anyone watching the game Sunday must have noticed the noise coming from the stands. Lambeau or the frozen tundra as it's called has always been a great home field advantage for the Packers. 

Now with two upper decks added to the South Endzone, the noise is more entrapped and definitely made a difference in certain situations yesterday (even in a blowout). I never heard Lambeau that loud on TV, ever.

pierre garcon4. Skins' WR Pierre Garcon is a bona fide No. 1 option

The only player on the Skins' offense to even show any kind of fight or fire yesterday was WR Pierre Garcon. 

Garcon exploded for 8 catches and 143 yards with a TD. He is clearly RGIII's favorite and most reliable target.

The foot injury from a year ago which cost him multiple games is definitely in the rear-view mirror.

Garcon is about the only Skins' weapon that can take it to the house on any given play. His touchdown catch in the third quarter was a thing of beauty and he caught a couple of WR screens for big gains. He fights for every yard and doesn't back down to anybody.

I wish his passion for the game could enhance the entire offense; Garcon looks as if he is out there by himself with the lackadasical play from others.

5. Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather is an Idiot 

Ugh. I dont even know where to begin with Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather. 

He, of a two-year $8 million contract last offseason has seen exactly two quarters of play for the Redskins in 18 games. Two quarters....

As a Skins' fan, I'm starting to get real sick to my stomach over this entire situation. He is the only real starting caliber safety that the Skins have on the roster right now, but it's time to start looking elsewhere. Kerry Rhodes anyone?

Not only did he get hurt again, but he did it entirely to himself. After knocking out Packers RB Eddie Lacy with a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on the game's first posession, Meriweather knocked himself cold with another hit to RB James Starks on a breakaway sideline run.

Stupid. Idiotic. Assinine. 

Meriweather has done this kind of thing his entire career, from his days as a Patriot. The crown of the helmet is not the way to be tackling players, Brandon. When are you going to get that through your thick skull? 

What a waste of time, money, effort and talent. Give the money back you have stolen from owner Dan Snyder and GM Bruce Allen. 

Enjoy the hefty fine(s) you'll recieve this week, Brandon.