Cooley If you live in the DC-Metro area and you haven't heard about the re-signing of Chris Cooley by the Redskins, then you have most likely been under a rock the past week.

Once again will the uproar of "Cooley" chants ascend from Fedex Field?

Redskins fans were over overjoyed when the news came out that Cooley would be making his return, and I'm sure No. 47 is happy to be back.

Since being cut by the Redskins in August, Cooley has reportedly received offers to be a starter elsewhere.

But has said that he held out on signing anywhere else because Washington is the only place he wants to play. 

After spending the first eight years of his career with the Burgundy and Gold, Cooley had become a pillar of the Redskins' offense and a fan-favorite; this made his release all the more surprising.

However, from a business standpoint, it was a smart move. Cooley has been injured two of the past three seasons, and was also due $4.1 million this year, a pretty steep price for a guy who has struggled with injury as of late.

Cooley was said to have been in contact with the Redskins rather often since his release, and after the injury to Fred Davis this past Sunday, it was the perfect opportunity to bring back 47.

Looking back at Cooley's underrated career, his best season came in 2007 when Jason Campbell was at the helm. He tallied 66 catches for 786 yards and eight touchdowns. Since he joined the team almost a decade ago, he has never been thrown to by an actual franchise quarterback, but that is all set to change on Sunday when he will be playing with the best quarterback to lace 'em up for the Redskins in decades. 

I am sure Redskins Nation is looking forward to seeing what RG3 can do for Cooley, and vice-versa. With Davis being put on IR, and Garcon being out once again, the young gunslinger could surely use another pair of reliable hands, and he will have that in Cooley. 

This week, the Redskins travel to Heinz Field to take on a Steelers team that is always competitive. With a defense that held premiere receiver A.J. Green to one catch for eight yards last week, it is evident that yards and points will be hard to come by, and having a veteran presence on offense could greatly impact the Redskins. 

Although he is sure to have an impact on the field, I am more excited to see the impact he has off the field. Chris Cooley and the Washington Redskins have a type of connection that you don't often see.

This was a guy that not many people were hot for coming out of college, and wasn't expected to become the player he has become. Cooley's connection to the city of Washington is similar to Manning and Indianapolis. The city adopted the kid from Wyoming as their own, and he will surely go down as one of the best Redskins ever.

Now, while I am excited for Cooley's return to Washington, it is imperative that we temper our expectations. Of course there are many good memories of Cooley while on the Redskins, but keep things in perspective. This is a guy who did fail to make the 53-man roster, was injured most of the past three years, and wasn't even playing football a week ago.

While it would be great to see, don't expect a Pro Bowl performance from Cooley right away, or at all. He was brought in because of a desperate need at tight-end and his familiarity with the system. I'm rooting for Cooley as much as the next guy, but expectations must be managed. 

That being said, I do hope that Cooley is able to come in and play well for the Redskins now that he has a talented quarterback throwing him the ball. There is a good chance that this could be his last year playing football, and I would love to see him go out with a bang. Hail!