Matt RyanIt's no secret that the 2013 season for both the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins has been less than desirable. Even still, here are three things to look for when these two teams take the field on Sunday.

No. 1 The Offseason Starts Now

Well, at least for RG III it does. There are rumors that this decision has already been made and that Griffin won't play in this game and that Kirk Cousins will take the field for the Redskins.  

Mike Shanahan is looking for his ticket out the door without having to quit and this should do it as quickly as any other decision he makes would. If he's fired, he'll still get paid and whether he leaves himself or is forced out he'll have a job if he wants one in the NFL next year. Sitting Robert Griffin is just a quicker way to get this deal done.

No. 2 And So It Will Happen

And it will happen immediately. Shanahan will be given his pink slip before the Sunday night game starts. The Redskins are going to lose and once the plane lands and they're back to the stadium Shannahan will be let go. Hey, it could be worse right Lane Kiffin?

No. 3 Oh, We Almost Forgot About You Falcons

Despite all of the attention that the Redskins' drama is getting there is a game that will be played betweent these two teams. The Falcons will finally look like the team that everyone thought they would be this year and will rack up the points.  

After their showing the past few weeks and especially last week against the Chiefs, it's obvious that the Redskins have thrown in the towel. But even still, they'll score a bunch of points too since the Falcons defense is also pretty giving.  

If you like offense, you'll like this game with Matt Ryan, Alfred Morris, and the other offensive superstar names having a field day padding their stats.